Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pelor, Lord of Time. Wait, wasn't that Cronus's title too?

Pelor is everyone's favorite deity, at least among humans. He's good, and he helps farmers and works with the sun, and great stuff like that. Just now, however, I came across a detail in the description of Pelor that I never noticed before. Apparently he also runs time. That strikes me as an opportunity to run a grittier DnD game, even within the Super-Heroic-Heroes-of-Good default setting.

The party, who are probably either unaligned or some sort of servant of Pelor (Paladin or Cleric), are contacted by the god and asked to do some more-unaligned-than-good deeds to keep the space-time continuum from coming apart (probably in more fantasy-ish terms, but you know what I mean). Maybe some normally good force, such as other Pelor-ites, is accidentally doing something damaging and won't see reason about stopping. Maybe one of the other gods is being a little more malicious than usual. Maybe the Far Realm is breaking through into reality, and driving people insane (and spawning Daemons and corrupting Space Marines? Wait, no, that's a different setting :P).

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