Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh no! I've been neglecting my blog!

I need some way to avoid forgetting about posting...
I'll make something up.

Well; I've been playing some fun games recently.
I subscribe to a service called GameTap, which lets me download and play any and/or all of the games they have for free as long as I'm subscribed. It's a good deal; they have some great games, and not only obscure indie ones either - although they do have some of those, and they're pretty fun!
($10/mo -

Some of the games I've been playing on GameTap are:
-Starscape: a fun top-down space game. You have a little space fighter, and you mine minerals and fight aliens to escape from an alternate dimension!
-Sam & Max: This was in my top ten games list back in May... I think it was like #2 or something. Goes really well with saltine crackers.
-Space Empires V: This was also on the top ten, but I probably like it more after playing it some more. It's similar to the Civ series,but in space! Each solar system (or dust cloud or black hole, etc.) is a hex-grid with all sorts of objects- asteroids, stars, planets, the previously mentioned BLACK HOLE... Great game.

I've also gotten back in to World of Warcraft - You know, the massively popular MMORPG (no pun intended)? If you want to try it out, send me an email (, and I'll refer you for a 10-day trial (that gets me a free month of play if you buy the game)
($20, then $15/mo -